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Easter Weight Loss

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

As Easter eggs and hot cross buns line the supermarket shelves, you may find yourself faced with extra challenges coming soon. 

For better or for worse, most of us have grown up with the idea that Easter is about eating – and more specifically – eating chocolate. It's enough to make all your good intentions melt away.

Naturally, chocolate eggs do not comply with my weight loss program, but the good news is there are alternatives. Sugar-free chocolate is a sensible option for an Easter treat -but heed this warning… while sugar free chocolate may contain less carbohydrates and sugars than normal chocolate – it can contain nearly as many calories as regular chocolate, and even more fat! Read the labels on the sugar-free chocolate you buy.

Speaking of eggs (the real kind) they are a terrific source of protein and can be enjoyed many different ways as part of your main meal on Dr Tim’s Success weight loss program. Treat yourself to an omelette, quiche or savoury pancake.

My recipe book has some egg-ceptional (pardon the pun) ideas that are healthy and satisfying for Easter entertaining.


Happy Easter!


Dr Tim.




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